What can DC Developments do?

We are well experienced in everything from bathroom / kitchen
rehabilitation to building new construction homes and
condominium developments. We are a 2013 EPA Lead-Safe
Certified Firm and are well versed in "Green" and LEED Certified
buildings and protocols. DC Developments i
s a licensed and
insured compan

General Contracting License #: TGC025005

What is DC Developments?

We are a licensed and insured real estate development and
rehabilitation company that specialize in general contracting and
consulting in Chicago, IL and surrounding area

Services we Provide:
  • General Contracting
  • Real Estate Consulting / Building /
  • Remodeling and Rehabilitation
What is General Contracting?

A general contractor or "GC" is directly
involved in the business of constructing,
altering, repairing or improving real estate for
others. They take full responsibility for the
complete job and can do a wide variety of
different construction projects for the owner.
The GC can provide everything from drawings
and permits to completing the scope of work.
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